Friday, June 17, 2011

How to be a Bboy (Step One)

Being a Bboy is easy, but when it comes to Bboy Battles, you gotta show off your skills. Dont worry, im gonna show you those simple to tough Bboy moves anyway. But in Step One in our Bboy Rule, you gotta get this items in your shopping list!



a variety of coloured shirts.

Bboying is not only about showing off moves, its also about style. If you want to become a Bboy, you can either wear Large Shirts or Tight Shirts. You can chose a variety of colors from Dull to Bright. Sleeves are also optional. Make sure to buy the right T-shirt made out of cotton because it is comfortable and doesn't trap sweat and odour. It releases heat and also prevents dust to stick onto your shirt. "T-Street" is the shirt I use for Bboying.


 The Nike Venom.

Shoes are the most important items needed in your shopping lists. Dancing Shoes today has the most hot and slickest design in the world. Example of these are, Nike, Supra, Vans, etc. But the most common Dancing Shoes today is Nike Air. To pick the right pair of shoes, you gotta go with this list:

Stability- Should be tough, and can last at least a year.
Light (Easy to carry) - Light, Must not be heavy. Otherwise, you will have some problems with your freezes and stands.
Bright Colored (optional)- Bright colored shoes are Optional. The reason is, when you wear bright colored shoes, People will easily spot your shoe not like those Dull colored ones.


Whoa, wait a minute, you shouldn't wear Rubber Gloves or any other gloves that are slippery!

 leather gloves.

The whole deal wearing Leather Gloves is, getting grip when your doing Freezes, Footworks and Handstands. Leather Gloves are optional when Bboying, but we recommend you to have this. I know, These gloves are expensive, and again, its optional.


 NY Cap (Black).

It really is up to you, whether what color you want for your cap. I recommend to buy simple and plain (color) for your caps. Caps are VERY important when your attempting to do headstands and headspins, or you can just wear it for style. Make sure to buy Original. They're between $10 to $20 in America, so save money now! Some people collect caps as they're hobby. So yeah, It is optional.


 Straight Pants.

A variety of pants for you to choose from,

SKINNY JEANS- If you prefer skinny jeans, make sure its stretchy because some Skinny Jeans are not.
CARGO PANTS- Cargo Pants are used for style. maybe carrying an iPod would help? It is not Stretchable.
STRAIGHT JEANS- I recommend using this because it is shorter than the Skinny Jeans. It is Stretchable.
SHORT PANTS- I highly recommend this because when your Bboying, it helps by not ripping your pants. It is either stretchable or not.

Ok, This is Step one of our How to be a Bboy 
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Bboy Tzetsu out!